Our Fast Foundry team is comprised of skilled professionals with experience in a variety of business segments. Cross-industry experiences provide us the ability to understand clients business and technology requirements. This insight allows us to determine how clients can best benefit from using our services as a true Business Solutions Development Partner.

Robert - Software Architect and Owner

Robert has architected and developed quality technology business solutions for a range of startups, academic institutions, government agencies and industry leading fortune 500 corporations. When he isn't working on technology for customers he is in his shop fixing up something, or attending and helping in the pit crew at motocross racing events around the world.

Jeff - Software Architect and Owner

Jeff has spent nearly 25 years as a technologist and leader in the high-tech industry. He has been an active part of large-scale projects for various industries, including retail, government, motion pictures, media, and aerospace. Jeff is the author of numerous software patents, and is typically dreaming of new ways to tackle problems, even if they don't yet exist. Jeff plays a serious blues guitar and is usually somewhere in disguise with his family, or relaxing with his favorite briar pipe.

Dan - Project Coordinator

Dan has spent more than 13 years as a project manager in the technology field, and another 13 years in similar roles in the apparel industry at Nike. He thrives on facilitating the delivery of technology solutions that meet the needs of businesses across the country. When not working with the team to solve clients’ challenges, Dan can be found hanging out with family on his small farm in rural Idaho.

Bobby - Software Engineer

Bobby has spent the last 5 years in the field of software engineering, starting his career testing, designing, and supporting content being created by tech companies within the Boise Area. Following his passion, he is always pushing to better himself and drive towards a masterful grasp of the Web Development world.

Sean - Software Architect

Sean has over 25 years of experience in technology, beginning his career as a design engineer in the audio industry for Sony, where he designed and developed both hardware and software for digital audio products. Since then, he has been using his keen problem-solving skills to design and develop software solutions to help businesses across a variety of industries run smarter and more efficiently through the implementation of state of the art technologies.

Jeffrey - Software Engineer

Jeffrey has assisted in developing and testing web and mobile technology for both small startups and large corporations across a wide array of industries. When he is not sitting at his desk listening to music while mashing his keyboard, he is traveling around the country, playing music with his various bands.

Billy - Designer

William is a designer who specializes in creating uniquely creative and innovative designs. Now that he has achieved a degree in graphic arts, William is hoping to increase his range of skills by moving into web design. Outside the design world, William enjoys disc golf, working on his 1950 Chevy deluxe, and playing video games.

Michael - Graphic Artist

Michael is an experienced artist in the fields of comics and gaming, working in both digital and physical mediums. His artistic and digital skills with tools such as a pen tablet have made him an asset to numerous teams and projects. Michael's passion for creative characters and animation drive him to continually create visual experiences that bring other people enjoyment.

Drew - Software Engineer

Drew has excelled in the technology field since achieving his degree in Web Development and working on various sites and applications for an array of clients. He is currently pursuing higher education, expecting to earn his degree in Information Technology by 2017. Outside of the tech world, Drew spends his time battling it out on various video games, playing guitar, and hiking Idaho’s many beautiful trails.

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